Ruvini Aqua Plants is the pioneer aqua plant propagator of Sri Lanka. Incorporated over 35 years ago by the visionary founder Erwin J, Fernando, Ruvini Aqua Plants Lanka (Private) Limited, stands tall as one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted and respected brands in export agriculture sector.

In 1966, Erwin J. Fernando pioneered the “Mud Pond Culture” by floating ‘Ruvini’ Aquatics.  This method is now used extensively in the Freshwater Fish Breeding Industry.

About Us

The varieties of Freshwater Fish that are being continuously bred at “Ruvini” range from the ever popular “Platy” to the more rare exotic breeds of fish.  Further, we operated under Mahaweli (the largest irrigation project of Sri Lankan Government), where we supplied fry from our hatcheries to settlers on the buyback basis.

With experience gained through Fresh water Aquarium Industry, our founder Chairman/MD changed his strategy by differentiation approach as aquarium plants improve the water quality of freshwater tank while enhancing the natural beauty of aquarium and providing shelter and security for fish.

We started providing our customers with unique, different and distinct value added aquarium plants. With this, Aqua Plants Lanka emerged in the “Ruvini” family in 1992. With the new move, our company aggressively increased the completive advantage in the export market place.

Then at Ruvini Aqua Plants Lanka, the plants were propagated in natural peat & rock wool, without polluting the environment and carefully selected, potted plants were exported to our clients mainly from Europe.  A cardinal feature of this aquatic farm is that every single  plant that leaves the nursery is a product of careful selection and choice.

A distinct feature of this process was that no any chemicals were used at “Ruvini” at any stage of breeding, growing, and harvesting.

We have won Sri Lanka’s prestigious National Quality Award on multiple occasions due to our stringent quality conditions in the business process. Further, it was honour to us that as an industry renowned professional, our founder chairman was appointed to National Advisory Committee for Aqua Culture Development in Sri Lanka in 2002.

With the changeover of leadership baton to the second generation of this family owned business, a new skill set in cutting edge technology, tissue culture propagation for aquatic plants were introduced in 2009 and gained the competitive advantage in today’s contemporary business world. Further, company expanded the tissue culture laboratory and other auxiliary facilities in recent past to maintain the volumes and the phase of the business. With the available state of art facilities, we are fully fledge with necessary equipment and technology to penetrate the world market as a competent compliance entity.

The company is managed by a team of professionals who head key disciplines. The board of directors consists of second and third generation family members of the founder. Mr.Sanjaya A. Fernando, the current Chairman, has led the company for the past ten years with the passion of founder continuing his vision towards the betterment of this industry, making ‘Ruvini Aqua Plant’ a well-known brand name in aquarium industry both in Sri Lanka and overseas.

Some 35 years on, as a legendary in the industry, we continues to deliver on the promise of bringing exceptional customer experience and service to any buyer in every corner of this world.